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Research Data Training

by Nature Research Academies

18.11.2021 – 26.11.2021


Thursday, Nov 18th 1-3 pm
Wednesday, Nov 24th 1-3 pm
Friday, Nov 26th 1-3 pm



The 'Research Data Training' workshop by Nature Research Academy is designed to provide knowledge and insights in research data best practice to the researchers of all levels.

The training consists of 3 modules and each module consists of 1.5 h training and 0.5 h Q&A.

Module 1: Research Data and Your Journal

This module discusses research data from the perspective of journals, editors and peer reviewers. Participants will learn to identify the features and requirements of research data policies, and repositories are introduced as an option for data sharing.

Module 2: Research Data and Your Manuscript

This module introduces the practical measures that authors should take to ensure that they are sharing data appropriately with journal editors, peer reviewers and future readers. Guidance and best practice tips are given on how to write excellent data availability statements and data citations.

Module 3: Research Data and Your Published Paper

Participants will learn about the final steps which are needed to share their research data after manuscript acceptance. Methods for data dissemination and promotion after publication will be outlined, as well as the advantages for authors who choose to share their data openly.

The workshop is organized by SFB 1032!