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How to identify your Ideal Career Path as a scientist and make a successful career transition

webinar by Dr. Amani Said


When: Tuesday, April 20th 2021 at 12 pm

Where: Virtual

Zoom Link:
         Meeting ID: 865 1328 0583
         Passcode: 997133

What is it about:

-> What are you going to do after your current position (PhD, Post-doc, Junior Group Leader etc.)?
-> Should you stay and pursue an academic career?
-> Or should you go and pursue one of the 100s of “alternative” careers outside of academia?

-> What would be a good fit for you?
-> Where do you even start the process of career transitioning? How do you network effectively?
-> Where do you find the positions?

I know so many questions to answer, right!

This webinar is aimed to give you the 5 STEPS you need for a successful career transition.

The earlier you start implementing these 5 STEPS the easier your transitioning becomes, whether within or outside of academia.

Believe it or not, these career development tools will also support you in boosting your current performance as a researcher.

Are you ready to take serious action and take your future career to the next level?

Then join us at this lunch webinar on Tuesday, April 20th at 12 pm.

Who is the trainer:Amani Said

Dr. Amani Said completed her Ph.D. studies in Developmental Biology at the Max-Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany. Since then her path took many turns, everything from project management, to starting a dance school, science teacher, to building up a start-up as an editorial director and finally trainer & coach. Today, she is applying 16 years of experience as a scientist and educator to train, coach and empower scientists in achieving their career goals.