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How to Overcome Procrastination

by Dr. Martin Greisel

10.05.2023 17:00  – 19:00 



Workshop Description

Do you often put off your most important tasks? Do you prefer to do things that are pleasant, are quick to achieve, and require less effort? Checking your mailbox is a welcome distraction?
Most people working in academia know this. And most of them are also familiar with the accompanying feelings of constantly lagging behind, of not progressing fast enough, of not doing enough.
However, both the delay and the dissatisfaction are not individual failures—on the contrary: they are a normal, inevitable reaction of normal people to a widespread orientation towards work, the “outcome focus”. In the workshop, you will understand why procrastination is a natural consequence of this orientation and how you can change this orientation, including a habit-based rather than goal-based approach, so that procrastination becomes unnecessary in the future.

Workshop contents

• See procrastination as a solution rather than a problem
• Draw satisfaction from the process rather than from the achievement of objectives
• Learn tools to facilitate the development of new habits
• Develop a plan for a new habit of your own

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