CRC 235 Emergence of Life

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May - Graduate School Meeting

hosting Michael J. Russell from California Institute of Technology


Location: Seidlvilla - Zenzl-Mühsam-Saal, Nikolaiplatz 1b 80802, Munich

Time                  Event
11:00-12:30      Virtual lab tours by students
12:30-13:00      Lunch Break
13:00-14:30      General Scientific Training with Prof. William Orsi
14:30-15:00      Coffee Break
15:00-17:00      Guest Speaker: Talk & Discussion
                          Michael Russell (NASA Jet Propulsion Leboratory - California Institute of Technology)
                          Why Does Life Start, What Does It Do, Where Will It Be, and How Might We Find It?
17:00-open end  Self-cooking & Dinner, Drinks