CRC 235 Emergence of Life

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Presentation Skills Workshop

18.03.2019 – 19.03.2019

Location: Schellingstr. 4, Room HU123

In this workshop, you will learn how to make talks interesting, clear and concise so that the audience can better understand the content and key messages. We will work on techniques that help you to gain audience attention such as body language, voice, visuals and language to draw attention and connect with your audience (Participants need to prepare a short 8 minutes talk on their research topic)

Key content

  • Structuring your talk to be audience-friendly
  • Expressions for introducing, summarizing & making transitions
  • Connecting with your audienceHighlighting key messages
  • Using your voice: intonation, pace, pausing
  • Body language & eye contact
  • Effective style and format for visuals
  • Dealing with difficult questions