CRC 235 Emergence of Life

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AEON Support Campaign

help Emergence of Life Board Game to reach more people

09.08.2021 – 13.09.2021

It’s about 4 billion years ago. Earth has just recently cooled off enough to have water on its surface. Impacts of comets and meteorites have almost ceased. The sky is orange and dense with thick clouds, through which a faint Sun barely shines. A vast, greenish, muddy ocean covers almost the entire planet. The little dry land is black volcanic rocks and barren. But deep in the ocean and in a few oases, something is cooking: Life is about to emerge.

In AEON, you and your friends represent prebiotic environments where Life might have emerged. Together, you build a network of chemical reactions that transforms simple prebiotic reactants into complex molecules. Eventually, these molecules will allow you to establish the basic mechanisms of life which make the reactions more efficient.
The first player to create all the requirements for the emergence of biological evolution wins the game.

AEON is already a fully developed game that you can print and play right now. It was developed by scientists in the framework of the CRC 235 "Emergence of Life" funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

However, our budget is limited to produce a very small amount of professionally printed boxed copies, which will likely be purchased by the scientists in the community and partly given to the Deutsches Museum . In order to increase the amount of boxes we can print and give more people to enjoy the game, we decided for a crowdfunding campaign.

In supporting this project, you are supporting a new, playful way of science communication. While AEON is both accessible and fun to play without knowing anything of the scientific background, you will also be learning about the mechanisms that scientists believe could have started life on our planet.