CRC 235 Emergence of Life

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Early Synthesis

ProjectCollaborating PIs
P01 Probing RNA-stability, formation and catalysis in simulated prebiotic environments on the early Earth and in Space Caselli & Mutschler
P02 Profiling of meteoric organic matter and the role of metalorganic compounds Dingwell & Schmitt-Kopplin
P03 Prebiotic synthesis in volcanic discharges: porous ash in volcanic gas atmospheres Eisenreich & Scheu
P04 Chemical evolution of biomolecules under volcanic hydrothermal conditions Huber & Schmitt-Kopplin
P05 Evolutionary optimization of experimental synthetic networks Frey & Trapp

Replication & Translation

ProjectCollaborating PIs
P06 Bridging the gap between chain formation and genetic copying of RNA Gerland & Richert
P07 Foams as catalytic environments for prebiotic reactions Braun & Schwille
P08 Thermally driven emergence of functional RNA motifs Mast & Mutschler
P09 Volcanic matrices to host autonomous DNA replication Braun & Scheu
P10 Oligonucleotide assemblies as binding and reaction centers Liedl & Richert
P11 Understanding the genetic code from affinities and reactivities to transfer RNA motifs Braun & Jäschke

Early Metabolism & Cells

ProjectCollaborating PIs
P12 Probing mechanism of chirality amplifications by experiments and multi-scale modeling Ochsenfeld & Trapp
P13 Tracing primordial metabolism reflected by microorganisms under hydrothermal conditions Eisenreich & Orsi
P14 Freeze-thaw driven proliferation of RNA protocells Mutschler & Schwille
P15 Nonequilibrium dynamics of nucleic acid-lipid mixtures Gerland & Simmel
P16 Self-replicating microcompartments as a model for protocells Boekhoven