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Career Booster Program

Career Development Made Fun & Easy by Dr. Amani Said


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What is it about:

sbl_logoThe Career Booster Program has been specifically designed to support PhD candidates, Postdocs and other academics to leverage their research training by working on both long-term career development and learning the necessary tools to make a successful career transition, whether within or outside of academia.

The program builds on the 3 modules; Professional Identity - Match Making Formula and Personal Branding Template. Through a series of 4 workshops each followed by a group coaching, the program helps the attending scientists to experience clarity on their career path, to gain confidence and to learn the tools to create their desired careers.

What is the content:

The Career Booster Program is delivered as 4 online workshops. Each full-day workshop is distributed over 3 days to allow enough implementation time for the participants. The participant will be able to dive deeper into the content covered in the workshops by having access to an online course (videos with workbooks and exercises).
What makes this program unique is the combination of training and coaching, the coaching takes place during the workshops and during monthly Q&A sessions.

-> Workshop 1 Professional Identity
In order to gain clarity, it is important to know your professional identity and align your career goals and vision with that identity, which is based on your values, skills, interests and personality.

  • Career Vision & Goal Setting
  • Mindset tools
  • Your Personality
  • Values
  • Skill Assessment

Creating a strong and clear Professional Identity, you will easily identify ideal career paths and find more fulfillment in your career.

-> Workshop 2 Identify Your Ideal Career Path
In order to identify which potential career paths are aligned with your Professional Identity, you will follow a strategy to research and network with professionals.

  • What career paths are out there
  • Research Potential Career Matches
  • Informational Interviews & Basics of Networking
  • Identify 5 Potential Career Paths aligned with your Professional Identity
As a result of implementing this content, you will expand your network, while developing your networking skills and gather information to make an information-based decision on your future career. Doing this work early on allows for time to nurture your professional relationships and to start developing the necessary skills for that future career.

-> Workshop 3 Personal Branding & Networking
Two main factors for career success are communication and networking. This workshop takes you through the content of how to create a personal brand that communicates your unique value.
  • How to communicate your unique value online and build a Personal Brand
  • How to Leverage LinkedIn and improve your profile
  • How to Network effectively and confidently
In combination with networking, a Powerful Personal Brand is what will propel your career to another level. As a result of becoming clear on your Personal Brand, how to communicate it and how to network you will start attracting career opportunities to you.

-> Workshop 4 How to create a CV & Cover Letter that lands you the job!
You will learn the process of creating a job application and how to leverage LinkedIn in your job search approach.
  • Practice writing customized CVs and Cover Letters to real job advertisements
  • Learn the necessary pre-work before even sending out a job application
As a result of this workshop, you will walk away with a ready CV & Cover Letter, and be able to reproduce these strategies for future job applications.
What? When?
Workshop 1 Professional Identity May 31st - June 2nd - June 4th (Mo-Wed-Fri 10 am -12 pm)
Q&A (group coaching) 1 Wednesday, June 23rd 10-11 am
Workshop 2 Identify Your Ideal Career Path July 5th - 7th - 9th (Mo-Wed-Fri 10 am -12 pm)
Q&A (group coaching) 2 Wednesday, Aug 11th 10-11 am
Workshop 3 Personal Branding & Networking Sep 6th - 8th - 10th (Mo-Wed-Fri 10 am -12 pm)
Q&A (group coaching) 3 Wednesday, Sep 29th 10-11 am
Workshop 4 How to create a CV & Cover Letter that lands you the job! Oct 11th - 13th- 15th (Mo-Wed-Fri 10 am -12 pm)
Q&A (group coaching) 4 Wednesday, Oct 27th 10-11 am

Amani Said

Who is the trainer:

Dr. Amani Said completed her Ph.D. studies in Developmental Biology at the Max-Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany. Since then her path took many turns, everything from project management, to starting a dance school, science teacher, to building up a start-up as an editorial director and finally trainer & coach. Today, she is applying 16 years of experience as a scientist and educator to train, coach and empower scientists in achieving their career goals.