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A robust sheath‐flow CE‐MS interface for hyphenation with orbitrap MS

F. Sauer et. al. 2020 Electrophoresis


F. Sauer, C. Sydow, O. Trapp



The hyphenation of capillary electrophoresis with high‐resolution mass spectrometry such as Orbitrap MS is of broad interest for the unambiguous and exceptionally sensitive identification of compounds. However, the coupling of these techniques requires a robust ionization interface that does not influence the stability of the separation voltage while coping with oxidation of the emitter tip at large ionization voltages. Herein, we present the design of a sheath‐flow CE‐ESI‐MS interface which combines a robust and easy to operate set‐up with high‐resolution Orbitrap MS detection. The sheath liquid interface is equipped with a gold coated electrospray emitter which increases the stability and overall lifetime of the system. For the characterization of the interface, the spray stability and durability were investigated in dependence of the sheath‐flow rate, electrospray voltage and additional gold coating. The optimized conditions were applied to a separation of angiotensin II and neurotensin resulting in limits of detection of 2.4 and 3.5 ng/mL.