CRC 235 Emergence of Life

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Graduate Program

Can we experimentally demonstrate a cascade of mechanisms which can produce life from scratch?

Such an undertaking requires prebiotic and evolutionary modeling by applying a diverse set of physical, chemical, biological, geological, astronomical and theoretical techniques in a cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach. What the CRC 235 Emergence of Life offers to its (prospective) graduate students is a dense and interdisciplinary network of researchers from different scientific institutions, using the collaborative approach as the main path.

The projects within the CRC 235 are jointly designed and led by two PIs with complementary expertise, supervising two PhD students. The PhD students of all the projects are connected to the others through the Graduate School of the CRC, a training network which aims to make the students familiar with the complex and multi-faceted details of the Emergence of Life question and the state of the art research methodology.

The curriculum of the Graduate School covers general and specific scientific training such as method workshops and compact courses as well as interdisciplinary seminars and conferences and transferable skill workshops. These elements will be embedded into monthly meetings and annual summer schools. For scheduled events please visit Events.

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