CRC 235 Emergence of Life

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Past Events

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CRC 235 Events:

Progress Update and Project Discussion Meeting
Thursday, 19 November 2020, Virtual Meeting (Schedule)

Graduate School October 2020 Meeting
hosting Norikazu Ichihashi (University of Tokyo)
Thursday, 29 October 2020, Virtual Meeting (Schedule)

Graduate School September 2020 Meeting
hosting Laurie Barge (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Wednesday, 30 September 2020, Virtual Meeting (Schedule)

Molecular Origins of Life, Munich 2020 Conference
8-10 July 2020, Virtual Conference (Abstract Book)

Graduate School May 2020 Meeting
hosting Audrey Bouvier (University of Bayreuth) - 'Making Earth, a recipe from meteorites'
Tuesday, 12 May 2020, Virtual Meeting (Schedule)

2020 Winter Retreat
hosting Peter V. Coveney (UCL), Chris Greenwell (Durham University), Matthew Pasek (USF), Eoghan Reeves (University of Bergen) and Martin van Kranendonk (University of New South Wales)
17-20 February 2020, Hotel Millanderhof, Brixen, Italy (Schedule)

Graduate School January 2020 Meeting
hosting Julia Bloemer & Wiebke Henning (Deutsches Museum) and Cecilia Scorza (LMU) - 'Designing an exhibition' Case Studies
Wednesday, 15 Jan. 2020, Deutsches Museum (Schedule)

Graduate School December 2019 Meeting (ORIGINS Cluster Science Week)
hosting Stephen Mojzsis (University of Colorado, Boulder) - Late accretion to the inner solar system modulated the emergence of life
Wednesday, 4 Dec. 2019, New Seminar Room 1.1.18ab at MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics (Schedule)

Graduate School November 2019 Meeting
hosting Andrew Griffiths (ESPCI- Paris) - Droplet-Based Microfluidics to Study the Emergence of Darwinian Systems
Thursday, 14 Nov. 2019, Seminar Room N110, Amalienstr. 54, 80799 Munich (Schedule)

CeNS/CRC235 Workshop "Evolving Nanosciences"
23-27 Sep. 2019, Venice International University, San Servolo (Italy) (More)

Graduate School September 2019 Meeting
hosting Irene Chen (UCSB) - Evolution in the RNA World
Tuesday, 10 Sep. 2019, Seminar Room N110, Amalienstr. 54, 80799 Munich (Schedule)

Summer School 2019
hosting Matthew Powner (UCL), Rafal Szabla (Polish Academy of Sciences) and Tommaso Fraccia (ESPCI, Paris)
3-7 June 2019, Jugendherberge Regensburg (Schedule)

Graduate School May 2019 Meeting
hosting Michael Russell (NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory) - Why Does Life Start, What Does It Do, Where Will It Be, and How Might We Find It?
Thursday, 09 May 2019, Seidlvilla-Zenzl-Mühsam-Saal, Nikolaiplatz 1b, 80802 Munich (Schedule)

Graduate School March 2019 Meeting
hosting Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy (The Scripps Research Institute) - Chemistry Leading to the Origins of Life versus the Chemistry of Life - Same, Similar or Different?
Wednesday, 20 March 2019, Seminar Room N110, Amalienstr. 54, 80799 Munich (Schedule)

2019 Winter Retreat
hosting Albert Fahrenbach (University of New South Wales), Joseph Moran (University of Strasbourg) and Judit Sponer (Masaryk University)
18-21 February 2019, Hotel Millanderhof, Brixen, Italy (Schedule)

Graduate School January 2019 Meeting
hosting Tommaso Bellini (University of Milan) - Liquid crystal ordering of nucleic acids: a route for the origin of life?
Thursday, 17 January 2019, Seidlvilla-Turmzimmer, Nikolaiplatz 1b, 80802 Munich (Schedule)

Graduate School November 2018 Meeting
hosting Moritz Kreysing (MPI of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics) - Ribozyme interactions with charged and uncharged polymers
Thursday, 29 November 2018, Seidlvilla-Turmzimmer, Nikolaiplatz 1b, 80802 Munich (Schedule)

Graduate School October 2018 Meeting
hosting Kamesh Narasimhan (Church Lab - Harvard University) - Engineering Synthetic Living Systems with an Orthogonal Central Dogma
Mon, 22 October 2018, H522, Schellingstr. 4, 80799 Munich (Schedule)

Kick-off Meeting
hosting Wolfgang Weigand (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena) - From Prebiotic to Bio-inspired Hydrogen Production
Thu, 19 July 2018, Lengries - Brauneck

Guest Lectures:

Kamesh Narasimhan (Church Lab, Harvard University)
Genetic incorporation of non-standard amino acids in a recoded E.coli and Gedanken experiments on the emergence of minimal biological components
Tue, 09 Oct 2018, 09:30h, Seminar Room Hermann Gaub

Niles Lehman (Portland State University)
Scrambling to Build the RNA World
Mo, 08 Oct 2018, 09:30h, N110 - Seminar Room Rädler Chair

Avinash V. Dass (Centre de Biophysique Molèculaire - CNRS Orleans)
Stochastic Prebiotic Chemistry
Mo, 01 Oct 2018, 09:30h, N110 - Seminar Room Rädler Chair

Douglas LaRowe (University of Southern California)
Limits to Life in the Subsurface
Mon, 17 Sep 2018 09.30h, N110 - Seminar Room Rädler Chair

Shoichi Toyabe (Tohoku University, Japan)
Replication, Error, and Emergence of Life
Tue, 4 Sep 2018 09.30h, N110 - Seminar Room Rädler Chair

Frances Westall (Centre de Biophysique Molèculaire - CNRS Orleans)
Geological scenarios for the emergence of life on Earth and elsewhere in the Solar System and beyond
Tue, 10 July 2018 12.15h, Lunch Talk, Kleiner Physikhörsaal

External Events:

Breathing Life into Chemistry (MPI for Evolutionary Biology, Plön)
4-7 June 2019, MPI for Evolutionary Biology, Plön (Event Webpage)

An den Wurzeln des Lebens (Max-Planck-Forum)
Fri, 12 October 2018, Max-Planck-Haus am Hofgarten, Osthalle, Hofgartenstr. 8, 80539 Munich (Invitation)

Molecular Origins of Life (CAS Conference 2018)
11 & 12 October 2018, Literaturhaus Munich (Abstract Book)

Transferable Skill Workshops:

Effective Visual Communication of Science
by Jernej Zupanc (Seyens)
13-14 Oct. 2020, online

Voice Training
by Caroline Frauer & Julia Rupprecht (Sprachraum)
21 Sep.-12 Oct. 2020 (once a week), online

The Fast Forward Implementation Program
an online workshop on time and project management offered by Mind Matters Ltd.
October 2019, April & October 2020

LaTeX for beginners
by Caroline Gergen (edv-coaching)
10-11 March 2020, Grosshaderner Str. 9, 82152 Planegg Room N02.008

Writing Skills for Scientists
by Carsten Rohr (Sprachraum)
18-19 July 2019, Schellingstr. 4 Room H522 & H207

Team Communication Tools and Conflict Management
by Viola Kraus
3-4 June 2019, Jugendherberge Regensburg (Summer School)

Presenting your research effectively
by Tim Korver (Sprachraum)
18-19 March 2019, Schellingstr. 4 Room HU123